Quit Smoking App: The Approach

We believe that quitting cigarettes is not about saving money, or not even about improving your health. These are results. But the motivation needs to come from much deeper. By breaking routines, and building motivation through science-based actions and a mindfulness-approach – together we build up to the day you will quit. Forever. – Statuo

I’m 7 days in and I can already feel my motivation growing. Looking forward to Life Day!
– Jessica Lloyd, London (UK)

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3. And Quit

Building motivation, breaking routines, setting up several support pillars for you – and get you ready for Life Day and the days after. It’s not easy, but everyone CAN do it. We will guide you through.

Continuous Support: The 30-day Quit

After Life Day, you can choose to activate the 30-Day Quit program. Your coach will continue to support you with a daily audio session for 30 more days – to make sure you succeed.

Now let’s get you in the program. Download the app.