Lifeboat was founded in The Netherlands. We work closely with researchers, health professionals and other eHealth companies to constantly increase the efficiency of the Lifeboat app, and make it as good as it can be.

About Your Coach

redd headshots 42Once you join Lifeboat, you will meet your coach during your first session. That lovely voice you will talk to for a couple of weeks is that of Redd Horrocks. She will guide you all the way up to the day you will quit, and will support you 30 days after that to maintain that change.

The Lifeboat Mission:
Enable better quality of life through digital programs.

Current Objective:

A recent study shows that around 25% of quit attempts are successful when checking in again 6 weeks after the quit date. Also, it takes the average smoker as much as 4 quit attempts before he/she succeeds – or gives up altogether. Furthermore, higher levels of self-efficacy was a key factor in a successful attempt.

Lifeboat aims to take on these numbers. We work towards a 50% succeed-rate for users who completed both the 15-day Pre-Quit and 30-day Quit program. We aim to raise awareness to reach smokers earlier, so they use Lifeboat in an earlier attempt before a certain percentage of that group gives up trying. As far as self-effacy goes: our programs are based on finishing daily actionable tasks that increase both self-efficacy and self-confidence to succeed in quitting.

The British Doctors Study estimates that current cigarette smoking will cause about 450 million deaths worldwide in the next 50 years. Reducing current smoking by 50% would avoid 20-30 million premature deaths in the first quarter of the century and about 150 million in the second quarter. Lifeboat aims to support this decrease.

Want to help us in reaching these objectives? Use some of the tools we have in place here.


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