Quitting smoking is not easy. Lifeboat will help you – both making an attempt together with friends empowers you even more. Invite them below.

Already quit? That’s great. Use the tools below to make more people aware and push them into the right direction to quit too.

Email friends to invite them to Lifeboat

Know someone who can use some help to quit smoking? Invite them to give Lifeboat a try: enter your friend’s details below and we’ll reach out. Never spam, of course.

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Invite friends to quit together through Whatsapp

This is what you will send: “Hey! I want to quit smoking using Lifeboat. Want to do this together? – http://www.lifeboat.io
Note: this feature is only available for mobile visitors.

Invite friends and family through social media

Want friends to join your journey to Life Day? Share the Lifeboat app on social media. Also a great way to make friends and family more aware about quitting smoking, in case you already succeeded yourself.

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